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Global Game Jam recap

The Global Game Jam 2010 concluded over 30 days ago, but the treasure trove of indy creations it left behind remains largely unexplored. Then again, how is anyone supposed to review some 1000 games created specifically for an event that shuns any global judging? Who has that kind of time anyway? Certainly not overworked grad […]

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Game Developers Conference: Current TV Features EIS Podcast

The Game Developer’s Conference is less than a week away, and for those who don’t get to see what goes on during this amazing week, we, at the Expressive Intelligence Studio, put together a mini documentary about the “People Behind the Products.” Now, we aren’t film-makers at EIS, but in addition to doing some awesome […]

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WoW Armory Data Mining: The Next Generation

Over at the Armory Data Mining blog, a plucky computational biology PhD student under the name of Darush has taken a look at some World of Warcraft Armory data and run some fascinating transformations to analyze the number of Druid players that favor bear form vs cat form when they play World of Warcraft. Note […]

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John Davison of GamePro Talk at UCSC

“The breadth of video game development” (working title) John Davison, Executive Vice President of Content at GamePro Date: Tuesday, February 23rd Time: 2:00pm Place: Digital Media Theater, UCSC Hosted By: Chris Lewis, Noah Wardrip-Fruin This lecture is free and open to the public, but visitors should purchase a parking pass from the visitor kiosk at […]

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Help Heather Over the Finish Line

Heather Logas only has through tomorrow to make the crowdsourced funding goal for her indie storygame — or all the funding pledged so far is lost. Heather describes the game by saying: Remember those Choose your own Adventure books you used to love as a kid? The game is a bit like that, if it […]

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Global Game Jam Featuring Awesome Speakers

The second annual global game jam at UCSC is coming up, kicking off on Friday, January 29th. But even if you aren’t participating in the jam, you should still come by the Simularium at 4:00 pm on Friday to check out the great speakers we have lined up. This year, you’ll get to hear from: […]

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