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Current Game Preservation is Not Enough

(Portuguese translation, courtesy of Artur Weber) This post is a distillation of some current thoughts on game preservation (extending to software preservation) that arose from a presentation I gave at Stanford two weeks ago. Video of that talk is here. The discussion in this post is a little more advanced and focuses mainly on the […]

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Cecil Brown on Games Blacks Love to Play

Dr. Cecil Brown began his lecture Games Blacks Love to Play by citing Marshall McLuhan’s 1964 observation that the games people play mirror the surrounding culture. Brown uses this stance—that games teach us about the culture they come from—to explore the history of African Americans, the interplay between black and white play cultures, and the […]

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Jessica Enevold, John Davison, and Damon Brown at UCSC this week

We have three great talks on games this week at UC Santa Cruz. All are free and open to the public. Please help spread the word! Monday Title: Mama Ludens vs Fanboi – What is wrong with the Gaming Revolution? Speaker: Jessica Enevold, Assistant Professor at Lund University, Sweden and Managing Editor for the journal […]

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Mining the World of Warcraft Armory

Many people have mined the World of Warcraft Armory for all sorts of information. Until recently, the data being mined out of the Armory was largely something I call “descriptive statistics”: statistics that are interesting in and of themselves, but don’t really require much more than counting up instances of labels. How many Orc hunters […]

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Starcraft EISbot in GamePro

Continuing the EIS blog’s recent Starcraft theme, Ben and Peter were recently interviewed by John Davison, editor of Gamepro, inspired after his visit to UCSC. The interview is now up on the front-page of Gamepro.com, with Davison tweeting: “Mind blown.”

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Global Game Jam recap

The Global Game Jam 2010 concluded over 30 days ago, but the treasure trove of indy creations it left behind remains largely unexplored. Then again, how is anyone supposed to review some 1000 games created specifically for an event that shuns any global judging? Who has that kind of time anyway? Certainly not overworked grad […]

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