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How Pac-Man Eats: Who is it for?

The first reviews have arrived for my new book, How Pac-Man Eats! I’m honored to have people giving the book careful attention. This book is aimed at a wide range of audiences (designers, journalists, technologists, scholars, students, and people who are simply interested in games) and aims to speak to multiple disciplines. Given that, it’s […]

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Two new publications at ICIDS 2018

We’re trying to get into the habit of posting about all our publications, so here’s a post about the two things (one poster and one demo) I just got back from presenting at ICIDS 2018 last week! The poster is called “Sketching a Map of the Storylets Design Space”, and the associated paper can be […]

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New paper: “Gardening Games: An Alternative Philosophy of PCG in Games”

I’ll be presenting my new paper, Gardening Games: An Alternative Philosophy of PCG in Games, at the PCG Workshop at FDG 2018. Abstract: Procedural content generation (PCG) in games is often framed as a way to feed the content furnace, satisfying the voracious appetites of players by generating infinite seas of content for them to […]

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