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Telemetry-Supported Game Design

An overview of how recording and analyzing player behavior can be incorporated in the game design process.

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Content Selection vs. Content Generation

Lately, some of us in the lab have been having a discussion on the difference between content selection and content generation. Where does one end and the other begin? At some level, procedural content generation uses content selection. So what’s the difference?

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Dynamic Difficulty in Platformers

We’ve all played, and been frustrated by, games that were too difficult for us (Demon’s Souls) or games that were too easy (Smurfs: Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle). In fact, for most games it’s an immense design challenge to create levels that can be enjoyed by both skilled players and noobs. Wouldn’t it be great for […]

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Global Game Jam Featuring Awesome Speakers

The second annual global game jam at UCSC is coming up, kicking off on Friday, January 29th. But even if you aren’t participating in the jam, you should still come by the Simularium at 4:00 pm on Friday to check out the great speakers we have lined up. This year, you’ll get to hear from: […]

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Tale of Tales have done it again: The Observational Immersionist Style

Tale of Tales just released a new game or rather “experimental play experience” (a phrase surely concocted to appease those who don’t accept their repurposing of the word game).  Anyhow, it’s called Fatale and it is awesome. Starting with The Endless Forest, Tale of Tale’s have consistently created environments that exist for the purpose of […]

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The Magic of Magic

I started playing Magic: The Gathering when I was in 5th grade.  Like all things from that age, it was a fad, and quickly faded behind the next hot toy.  However, I have been amazed with the frequent resurgence of the game in my life.  Multiple times, I have witnessed people with little in common […]

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