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cfml: the context-free music language

For the ears: cfml-prototype.mp3 Context Free is an excellent tool for exploring generative spaces in the domain of 2D visual art (and Structure Synth does a fantastic job in 3D), but can a language of circles, rectangles, and triangles mutated by rotates, translates, and scales be translated into the domain of music? The result is […]

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“The Most Important Video Game Yet Made” – The Beatles: Rock Band, Debated

First, if you haven’t heard about it, come tomorrow (9-9-09), The Beatles: Rock Band is released.  In preparation for its receptions, the game has instigated a lively inter-generational debate.  The lines are not so clearly drawn as to which communities or generations rest on which side, which makes it quite a unique situation. Many people, […]

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Distant Worlds: San Francisco Symphony Plays Celebrates Music from Final Fantasy

There are 3 takeaways I hope to convey in this post.  First, I’d like to share what it was like to be there Saturday night in the symphony hall.  Secondly, I want to describe what I thought about my second time at an FF concert (my first is described here).  Most importantly, I want to […]

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Dear Friends 2005, the “Melodies of Life”

Let me tell you about how far game music has come since I was a young child… When I was a young girl, I loved Final Fantasy.  All my school assignments, given that I had a choice, was related to Final Fantasy.  I’m such the evangelist, that I took a tape recorder (the one my […]

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