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Ben Weber

Ben Weber is a PhD student at UC Santa Cruz.

Dissertation: Integrating Learning in a Multi-Scale Agent

Building expert-level artificial intelligence for real-time strategy games remains an open research challenge. StarCraft in particular provides an excellent environment for AI research, because the game has many real-world properties and is played at an extremely competitive level. It is also an environment in which human decision making can be observed, emulated, and evaluated. During […]

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Getting Started with ABL

While I have been advocating the use of reactive planning for over a year now, there is often a large amount of middleware between a game environment and the reactive planning agent that needs to be defined in order to make use of ABL in games. The goal of this article is to provide a […]

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Telemetry-Supported Game Design

An overview of how recording and analyzing player behavior can be incorporated in the game design process.

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Report on the AAAI Fall Symposium on Advances in Cognitive Systems

This year the AAAI Fall Symposium Series included a track organized by Pat Langley on Advances in Cognitive Systems. Pat identified the following objective for the symposium: Pursue the initial goals of artificial intelligence and cognitive science: To explain intelligence in computational terms and reproduce the entire range of human cognitive abilities in computational artifacts.

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EISBot Plays Dennis “Thresh” Fong

Dennis “Thresh” Fong, a retired pro gamer and founder of Raptr and XFire, participated in an exhibition match against EISBot during a visit to UC Santa Cruz today. While Dennis had not played StarCraft: Brood War for several years, he provided EISBot with an excellent challenge. Dennis played as Zerg (orange) and the outcome of the match […]

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AIIDE 2011 StarCraft AI Competition

The StarCraft AI competition introduced at AIIDE 2010 will be part of the AIIDE 2011 program. Last year the main event was won by UC Berkeley’s team, which showed how a computer opponent could be used to destroy enemies. This year, we expect to see even more sophisticated agents. Competition details are available here.

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