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Eric Kaltman

PhD Candidate at UCSC in the Expressive Intelligence Studio. I work on software preservation, citation, and constructing a history for games.

Current Game Preservation is Not Enough

(Portuguese translation, courtesy of Artur Weber) This post is a distillation of some current thoughts on game preservation (extending to software preservation) that arose from a presentation I gave at Stanford two weeks ago. Video of that talk is here. The discussion in this post is a little more advanced and focuses mainly on the […]

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New Publication: “A Unified Approach to Preserving Cultural Software Objects and their Development Histories”

We are pleased to announce the publication of our recent National Endowment for the Humanities supported white paper on archiving and appraising academically produced computer games. “A Unified Approach to Preserving Cultural Software Objects and their Development Histories,” is aimed at providing a first step towards an archival methodology for computer games and their development […]

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Lost in the Cloud: File Format Investigations

Any software development process involves a fair amount of extraneous creation. Code is revised, documents created and destroyed, prototypes and demos constructed, all in the pursuit of a final, stable digital object. Digital games add even more to this crush of documentation with an unending multitude of art assets, proprietary file types, and a lack […]

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EIS Members Awarded NEH Grant to Help Preserve Game Development with Prom Week

We are pleased to announce that EIS co-director Noah Wardrip-Fruin, and myself, Eric Kaltman, along with Christy Caldwell at UCSC Library and Henry Lowood of Stanford University Library, have been awarded an NEH Digital Start Up Grant aimed at investigating archival and preservation methods for digital software and games! The grant covers the development of […]

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