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Game Developers Conference: Current TV Features EIS Podcast

Intro: "When I was 5 years old, I had a crush on Super Mario"

EIS was featured on current.com

The Game Developer’s Conference is less than a week away, and for those who don’t get to see what goes on during this amazing week, we, at the Expressive Intelligence Studio, put together a mini documentary about the “People Behind the Products.” Now, we aren’t film-makers at EIS, but in addition to doing some awesome research, it’s important to make the things we do accessible to especially those who only experience games as consumers.  To be honest, the best part of what I do, isn’t that I get to “play games,” but that I’m able to be part of creating games.  The creating process involves so many talented and creative people, and some of the best parts of video gaming is a bit hidden from those outside our community. I’m not sure what stops people from knowing more about us, but the purpose of this mini documentary is to invite those who appreciate being on the audience side of games into our community.  My hope is that we can enable more and more people to embrace the technology in ways where they aren’t merely consumers and grow the community around this inevitably magnificent technology.

Interview with LittleBigPlanet on the red carpet after the Game Developers Choice Awards

The producers at current.com chose our video to be featured in the tech section, and we were instantly voted up to the #1 spot in tech and #7 spot overall.  Thanks to all those who helped make this possible.

So, here’s our video into the unseen world of video games (watch, vote, comment, enjoy!):


  • Sherol Chen
  • John Dalessi
  • Russ Fan
  • Fernando Galvan
  • Ken Hullett
  • Godric Johnson
  • Tim Kim
  • Kathleen Kralowec
  • Ron Liu
  • Bill Manegold
  • Mark Nelson
  • Adam Smith
  • James Skorupski
  • Anne Sullivan
  • Jim Whitehead

Special Thanks:

  • Digital Media Factory
  • United Business Media
  • Expressive Intelligence Studio and Supporting Members
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