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Help Heather Over the Finish Line

Heather Logas only has through tomorrow to make the crowdsourced funding goal for her indie storygame — or all the funding pledged so far is lost. Heather describes the game by saying:

Remember those Choose your own Adventure books you used to love as a kid? The game is a bit like that, if it was the fevered brain child of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and H.P Lovecraft.

Like a number of you, I’ve talked with Heather at places like GDC (she also worked with Michael at GA Tech way back when). You may have also played games she worked on at places like Telltale. I’d love to see what she’ll create if the funding comes through. She’s more than 2/3 of the way there, as of this writing, with close to 100 backers. So, if you can, take a moment to make a pledge!

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