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New Game Degree and Job at UC Santa Cruz

At UC Santa Cruz we are about to launch (pending final approvals) a new year-long (12 month) MS degree focused on combining technical and design innovation — to create novel possibilities for the games of today, to enable new types of games, and to explore a wide variety of next-generation playable experiences. The degree will admit students who have a background in computer science and knowledge of games. Target students include industry professionals seeking new knowledge (e.g., advanced AI techniques) and/or wanting to experience new roles (e.g., engineers seeking a move into design) as well as talented recent undergraduates who have completed technically-focused game degrees. The application deadline for this year is March 15th. The degree will be offered through our Silicon Valley campus and will include working both with our current game faculty and with new personnel hired specifically for the program.

We have just now posted the job for the first of these positions, the Creative Director. This position includes developing the overall creative vision for the program, mentoring student projects, representing the MS program to the international game development community, and collaborating across and beyond UCSC. We seek someone who is an acknowledged creative leader in the field. The starting salary range is $88,000-$123,200.00/annually.

We’re excited to be taking Games and Playable Media at UCSC to the next level with this new degree. I’d appreciate any help spreading the word.

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