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UC Santa Cruz seeks game developer and game designer staff

The Univ. of California, Santa Cruz is seeking applicants for two new full time staff positions, a Lead Game Programmer and a Lead Game Designer to work with myself, Michael Mateas, and Luca de Alfaro in support of the CHEKOFV project.

CHEKOFV (Crowd-sourced Help with Emergent Knowledge for Optimized Formal Verification) is a research effort to transform the problem of proving software correct into a crowd-sourced game. The overall system will input unverified code from vendors, distribute that code to several crowd-sourced games, then collect and employ the results of game play to improve the performance of a formal verification engine. UCSC is one of several performers contributing games to address sub-tasks in software verification that appear easier for people but difficult for machines. The goal of the UCSC game is to define loop invariants; algebraic/logical conditions that remain true across the execution of a loop. A prototype is available on the web. Our approach invites players to experiment with the data generated by the loop, without ever viewing the source code itself.

The UCSC team will include ~10 people (students, faculty, and staff), and will coordinate with other teams providing application expertise, a front-end portal with a game/level server, plus the back-end software verification engine. The project as a whole includes two 18-month development cycles, spanning two design, development and deployment cycles for crowd-sourced verification games.

For more information and details on how to apply, go to:

Select “Staff Employment”, then “Search Postings” (upper left), then for Division/Organization select “Engineering [319]”. Position numbers are #1203940 and #1203954.

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