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Emergent properties: game testers are “stuffed”

Chris Lewis, a member of the Software Introspection Lab at UC Santa Cruz has his game testing work profiled in Science Notes 2011, in the article “Fixing Glitchy Games” by Donna Hesterman. Games increasingly have emergent properties brought about by the complex interactions between the player, AI-driven non-player characters, level geometry and items in the […]

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Space Invaders Enterprise Edition

Languages: This article is also available in Belarusian and German (thank you Patric and Anastasyia!) I’m pleased to announce that I’ve released Space Invaders Enterprise Edition (Java, cross-platform executable, ~9mbs due to Drools dependencies, source code here), the first prototype program from my newly announced research direction, Zenet. Space Invaders EE is a clone of code of […]

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