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Peter Mawhorter

Peter is a 2nd year PhD student interested in most of what goes on in the lab. He's done some work with StarCraft and level generation, and is working on joint generation of levels with stories right now.

Graeme Devine Talk Tomorrow at UCSC

Local Santa Cruz game developer and perennial guest speaker Graeme Devine is visiting UCSC tomorrow (Wednesday the 22nd) to give a talk titled “Social Games are DEAD!” In his own words: Everyone on the planet is rushing to add a social element to their game, picture app, music app, whatever app. Our widely held view […]

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Retrospective on the CIG 2010 Level Design Competition

At the recent 2010 Computational Intelligence in Games conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, there were competitions for making race car controllers, human-like FPS bots, and Ms. Pac Man players, among others. The competition that drew my interest, however, was the Mario level design competition, which challenged entrants to create procedural level generators that could generate fun […]

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The Incoherence of Reincarnation: Story vs. Telling in Videogames

On page 141 of Noah Wardrip-Fruin’s (excellent) Expressive Processing, there’s discussion of a citation of from Jesper Juul: Unlike most literary fictions, however, the worlds of many games are, in Juul’s terminology, “incoherent” (which is one of the things that limits Juul’s interest in discussing games in terms of narrative, as opposed to fiction). These are worlds in which […]

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It’s All (About) Fun and Games

I’m a new member of the lab here, and that means that I’ve got a lot of learning to do. I need to learn about the different projects in the lab, learn about the various systems involved in those projects, and even about programming languages used in those systems. But I also need to learn […]

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