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Graeme Devine Talk Tomorrow at UCSC

Local Santa Cruz game developer and perennial guest speaker Graeme Devine is visiting UCSC tomorrow (Wednesday the 22nd) to give a talk titled “Social Games are DEAD!” In his own words:

Everyone on the planet is rushing to add a social element to their game, picture app, music app, whatever app. Our widely held view of acceptable application development has narrowed to freemium social games that have to monetize. Somewhere along the way we forgot that games should be fun experiences and we became analysts. Let’s talk about that.

The talk is happening at 11:00 in the Simularium (E2 180), and promises to be an interesting take on the continuing social games phenomenon. It should be interesting to hear whether Graeme’s viewpoint on the subject agrees with Chelsea Howe’s, who spoke here two weeks ago about enchanting games and is a game designer for the social games company Social Chocolate.

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