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EISBot Shows Potential Versus Human Players

I developed a version of EISBot that plays a specific strategy, known as a 10-15 gate rush. The build was recently made famous by Nony. It is a Protoss build with the goal of harassing your opponent with ranged units as fast as possible and is most commonly used against Terran opponents. This strategy requires a large number of micro-management actions to maximize the efficiency of each unit. This is achieved by attacking enemy units and then backing off.

I tested the bot against several human players on the International Cyber Cup and was surprised to discover that the bot achieved a win rate of over 30% when tested in 40 matches.

Protoss versus Protoss (EISBot at 7 O’ clock)

Protoss versus Terran (EISBot at 11 O’ clock)

Protoss versus Zerg (EISBot at 7 O’ clock)

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