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Inventing the Future of Games – Today

Inventing the Future of Games is a one-day symposium happening today in Silicon Valley. It gathers some of the brightest minds from universities and industry to discuss potential futures of game design and technology. To follow/discuss on Twitter the tag is #IFOG2011, and for updates afterward you can connect with the UC Santa Cruz Center for Games and Playable Media via Facebook or Twitter, or keep an eye on our Vimeo channel.

The festivities begin at 9am this morning, California time. Speakers include Will Wright, Rod Humble, Michael Mateas, Jordan Mechner, Emily Short, Ian Bogost, Tracy Fullerton, Chris Crawford, Robin Hunicke, Graeme Devine, Marilyn Walker, Chaim Gingold, Jim Whitehead, Arnav Jhala, and yours truly. There are also live demos of Prom Week, SpyFeet, Tanagra, Panorama, as well as the StarCraft data mining and EISBot projects.

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