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Job: Game Center Associate Director at UC Santa Cruz

At UC Santa Cruz we’re looking for someone to help us conceptualize, launch, and run a new “Center for Games and Playable Media.” We’re seeking someone who would be interested in representing Santa Cruz at events, working with the new center’s affiliates (in industry, government, etc), imagining how new game research technologies could be made into experimental games, and working with students and faculty to bring the game-related activities at Santa Cruz to the next level.

Excerpts from the official information are below. People can apply by going to http://jobs.ucsc.edu and searching for job number 1002822. Also, feel free to leave comments with questions.

Full Salary Range: $54,500-$98,100/yearly. Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Overview of organization:
University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) is a leader in computer games research and education. It boasts the first computer games degree in the University of California system, with nearly 400 undergrads currently enrolled, and has one of the largest and most active technical game research groups in the world. It is located near a leading region of game development and innovation (Silicon Valley) on a beautiful campus with a strong history of interdisciplinary innovation. This year UCSC will open a new Center for Games and Playable Media. UCSC seeks a passionate, experienced, and creative Associate Director to participate in conceiving, founding, developing, and managing this new Center.

Summary of duties:
Reporting to the Director, the Associate Director oversees the development and operations of the Center with minimal direction. Duties and responsibilities include: Formulating and implementing short- and long-term Center plans, including building programs and financial plans associated with the center; fundraising and marketing; planning, promoting, and organizing game-related activities at UCSC (such as symposia, project showcases, hands-on workshops, guest lecturers, game jams, poster sessions, and the game center presence at research review days), as well as similar activities by UCSC faculty, students, staff, and alumni in other contexts. The Associate Director participates in, or oversees, a variety of functions for the Center, including: financial administration, budget planning, and personnel operations and supervision. The incumbent also manages ongoing relationships with Center affiliates and collaborators, both at UCSC and off campus, as well as fostering new relationships between UCSC and additional potential affiliates and collaborators. The Associate Director works with Center faculty to produce documents and prepare grant proposals, as well as assist in the external communication of UCSC’s research and educational accomplishments in games to the public, press, industry, foundations, government, and UCSC community.

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