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If the ACM had a Special Interest Group on Games, would you join?

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a prestigious professional society serving the interests of academics and professionals with interest in computing, broadly viewed. Within the ACM, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) serve the needs of specific communities of interest by operating conferences, fostering publications, and generally promoting the creation and spread of knowledge about the topic.

Along with the other members of the board of SASDG, I am working on a proposal to the ACM for the creation of a new Special Interest Group on Computer Games, to be known as SIGGAME. We’re looking for potential members.

The goal of the new SIGGAME is:

To foster, promote, and communicate high-quality research in the science, design, engineering, technology, educational applications, and culture of computer games.

Since the creation of computer games includes expertise from almost all areas in computer science and engages issues from multiple disciplines including social science, fine art, and liberal arts, SIGGAME will intersect, enrich, and cross-pollinate many traditional research areas. SIGGAME will provide a common forum in which researchers and practitioners in the many disciplines that have a stake in computer games will have a chance to meet and interact.

Part of the proposal involves gathering names of individuals who would join the special interest group. More potential members improves the chance that ACM will approve the proposal.

If you would join an ACM SIGGAME once it is formed, please email the
following to me, Jim Whitehead <ejw@cs.ucsc.edu>:

  • Name
  • University/Company
  • email address
  • If you are a current ACM member

Thank you!

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