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Achieving the ELIZA Effect in StarCraft

One of my research goals is to build an agent that mimics human gameplay. To achieve this challenging goal, I have implemented chat functionality in EISBot. Once every thirty seconds, EISBot randomly selects a message from a pool of 75 messages and sends it to the console. The results can be quite convincing:

Here is the complete transcript of messages:

  • EISBot: Whats up with Savior recently?
  • EISBot: Tasteless is my homeboy
  • EISBot: It says I need more pylons, what a pylon?
  • EISBot: What to ally victory?
  • Player: damn you
  • Player: im not stupid
  • EISBot: Wanna join my clan
  • Player: dunno
  • Player: im not that great
  • Player: lol
  • EISBot: So, this game is pretty much over
  • Player: yeah
  • Player: lol
  • Player: im playing off race
  • Player: lol
  • EISBot: Quit wasting time, come kill me
  • EISBot: What kind of hardware are you using? I’m on a 486 with 16M ram, pure luxory!!!
  • Player: i dunno
  • EISBot: I’m a huge nonyt fanboy
  • EISBot: Have you played SC 2 yet?
  • Player: yeah
  • Player: pretty sick
  • EISBot: Have you ever played against a C player?
  • Player: nope
  • Player: wait
  • Player: yeah
  • Player: i lost
  • Player: badly
  • Player: haa
  • EISBot: Did you see the past OSL?
  • Player: kinda
  • EISBot: Are you going to attack me
  • Player: lol
  • Player: no
  • Player: gg

The quality of the youtube video makes it difficult to read the chat messages (even in 480p), so I’ve uploaded the mp4 here and the replay here.

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