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Kevin Dill Talk at UCSC

Master of Orion 3

One of Kevin Dill's game credits: Master of Orion 3

“The Art of Game AI: Sculpting Behavior with Data, Formulas, and Finesse”
Kevin Dill, Lockheed Martin

Date: Monday, March 15
Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Place: E2-180 Simularium
Hosted By: Michael Mateas

This lecture will explore the challenges that are involved in constructing believable AI behavior, the mindset that one must adopt to accurately model these behaviors, and the techniques that can be used to construct them. The attendee will leave with a broad summary of how to approach the artistry of constructing artificial behaviors – and will likely have adopted the annoying habit of assigning values and formulas to everything they see around them.

Kevin Dill has 9 years experience in the games industry as an AI developer and AI lead. He has 7 game credits, including Master of Orion 3, Axis and Allies, Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species, and Iron Man. He now works at Lockhead Martin, where he develops AI for training simulations that include a mix of live acting, mixed and augmented reality, and even animatronics. Kevin has a BA in Computer Science from Carleton College and an MS in Computer Science from Northwestern University.

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